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July 2021

How time flies when you are extremely busy.

Did I mention that I bought a statutory write-off 2011 Nissan Leaf so I could harvest the 24kWh battery? I was a bit worried about the difficulty of removing and stripping the battery pack. I started by watching heaps of videos on what others have done, and in the end, it was easier than I thought. The Nissan Leaf battery pack contains 48 metal can batteries that each contain four pouch cells in a 2s2p configuration. That means that the configuration is actually 96s2p with a nominal voltage of 355v.

My original plan was to reconfigure the pack into a 48s4p to give a nominal voltage of 177v which would be more useful to the Kostov motor and the Evnetics controller that I already had. The plan was solid and I even had the Kostov mounted to my gearbox and sitting in the Jeep.

How things change

After a few conversations I made the decision to use the Nissan Leaf running gear instead of the Kostov. On the down-side I would have a little less power, but I would get regenerative braking and I would be able to use the air-conditioning compressor and water heater from the Leaf.

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