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An off-road journey from petrol to electric.

October 2018

My friend Al Bunzel ("Crazy" Al to his friends) came around to help me formulate a plan to get the motor mated to the Jeep gearbox. It was on close inspection that we realised that the original KJ Jeep flywheel is actually dual mass and ultra heavy. Dual mass flywheels are commonly used to smooth out power delivery where there are wild fluctuations which could otherwise lead to unwanted vibrations. Many of the reasons you would want a dual mass flywheel simply didn't exist in an electric vehicle, so we made the decision to source a single mass flywheel. Jeep City helped out again by supplying a flywheel from a TJ Wrangler that originally had the 4.0L inline 6 cylinder engine and 5 speed. The part number is 33002674AB and the flange is 2.69 OD with 6 studs, and apart from being machinable, it is significantly lighter.

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