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An off-road journey from petrol to electric.

April 2019

As you may have noticed, I have that white donor Jeep sitting out in the elements, and I thought it was about time I start identifying the important bits that I need. Experience has taught me that changing transmissions from automatic to manual was always going to be somewhere on the range of trivial to mind-numbingly difficult. I had done a similar thing on a 1976 Valiant Charger many years ago and modifications to the transmission tunnel was required, so I was a little worried.

The obvious thing to change was the brake booster mount, and I need somewhere to mount the clutch master cylinder. There is very little difference between the auto and manual brake booster mount, and the auto does have the location of the clutch master cylinder marked so it would be possible to modify an auto one to suit. Since I had the right part, I exchanged them.

I was expecting the pedal boxes to be completely different, but to my surprise they are actually identical with the only difference being the pedals installed. All I had to do was to loosen the two bolts that hold my brake pedal in place, swap the brake pedal with the one out of the manual donor car, and tighten the bolts again. The auto brake pedal had round pegs, and the manual brake pedal had square pegs, but they both fit into the same pedal box. The spot for the clutch pedal was already there but was missing the bolt, so I grabbed one off the donor car. This was much simpler than it could have been, so top marks for Jeep.

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